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Bio Tech - Fresh White Button Mushroom 250gm (food grade box)

  • 300.00৳

  • Brand: Bio Tech
  • Product Code: btmas02
  • Size (length x width): 0.00in × 0.00in
  • Material:

Fresh white button mushroom is whitish in color but sometimes it contains/carries black peat which is growing media on the surface of the mushroom cap. Presence of black peat means farm freshness.  If mushrooms are washed with running tap water, black peat removes from the mushroom cap very easily. 

Product Name :         Fresh White Button Mushroom

Scientific Name :  Agricus bisporus  

Brand :  Bio-Tech Button Mushroom  


·         Baby <25  mm diameter ( Avg ø33.13mm;  Avg. wt. 10.53gm ) (Min-Max=8-12gm)

·         Mini 25 – 35 mm diameter (43.8mm; Avg. wt. 22.67gm ) (Min-Max=18-24gm))

·         Large>35 mm diameter (55mm); Avg. wt. 37.33gm ) (Min-Max=32-48gm)

Cooking methods:

  1. Cook    2.  Roast    3.  Grill   4. Soup and Sauce

Shelf Life:

2-3 days at room temperature.

8-10 days at 0-5°C (at Chilled condition)

Preservation technique:
Fresh mushroom: 0-5 degC
Processed mushroom: After blanching with less amount of water at 100 degC for 10-15 mins, it may be stored at deep freeze for a long time i.e. more than 1 year.

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